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The basis of our Ancestral spirituality

Who is the one that helps us to see, who is the one that helps us to breathe, who helps us walk, who helps us talk, who gives us the ability to even contemplate these thoughts.

The greatest trick that has ever been played is convince us that our divine intelligence is not located in our own brain.

That #intelligence is the spirit that enables us to create this reality, this was the origin and basis of our #Ancestral #spirituality.

It has always been about you #discovering who you are, not about how many times you pray or who`s name you are calling.

It has always been about how you access and #communicate with that spiritual intelligence that you mentally call upon to live every moment of every day. It has not been about some far-off place that no one has verified ever existed to this day.

It has always been about you as you are the religion you are meant to study and make that deeper connection.

To the ancients the concept of subconscious did not exist as that part of their spirit was accessible to them. We have been given an external concept of God to stop us looking for our creative intelligence within ourselves.

All the #beliefs are external furniture as the #spiritual #intelligence within you is waiting for you to come home so that you can start to learn about who you really are. No religion, just you.

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