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The mysteries of this world

The #mysteries of this #world are not just buried in our #soul, they can also be found within our bodies. As we seek to travel to places where mankind has not been before, we have yet to discover the many worlds and intelligences that exist within us.

We have become lost in beliefs for convenience, as science has become a more sophisticated form of religion. The fact that the original western scientist were the priest before the 16th Century renaissance separated the two. We have believers instead of discoverers.

Reverend Isaac Newton was his full title, as many of the clergy of the day studied metaphysics at Oxford University.

Unfortunately, #African philosophy has not been recognised by the western world as credible, although in private it is studied in the masonic lodges, in public at best it is treated as a bad religion and at worst negative witchcraft magic.

The scientific value of the African wisdom has been totally overlooked, as people cannot measure the movement of spiritual energy with an external instrument. The capacity to control your thoughts or restrict the power of unwanted ideas within your mind, is only covered within a part of psychology deemed questionable by many.

The understanding of African science was built on observations of their inner world and the ability to make sense of the internal conversations we all have within ourselves. With time a map of our internal spirit body world had been created and the intelligences behind the workings of our body were discovered.

These intelligences were named and communication was established to learn about who we are and what we are. These energies were happy to teach and the African scientist began to appreciate the depth of the elements Earth, wind, fire, water, metals and the plant world.

As all the metals, minerals and plants found within the external world are all found within ourselves. The fact that each metal, mineral and plant has an individual character, its own intelligence and they have their reason for existence as well as a purpose within our bodies, has not been made clear to all of us.

Why do we need all these metals, mineral #supplements and how can #herbs be used as #remedies to heal us ? We have a relationship with these elements. that we have deliberately been made to not understand.

The ancient religion magic or nature wisdom, incorporated all these understandings and appreciated that there was an imbalance in the persons spirit which needed to be addressed as well.

Modern medicine has found a way to repackage the knowledge in tablet or cream form, however, they have been unable to recapture the spiritual energy dynamic that went with the administering of the medicine.

What has been deemed as magic was really just a deeper understanding of spiritual nature sciences.

As the secret incantations were used to wake up the medicine's ingredients to its full power, they also thanked the ingredients for their sacrifice on this occasion and very importantly, altering the energy of the medicine's frequency, to ensure it not be rejected by the person's own internal spiritual defence.

As our bodies see everything entering our bodies from the outside as a threat, our spirits defence mechanism will determine whether the food has energies attached that may harm us.

The mood of the person cooking the food can be transferred into it, and then consumed by those who eat it.

The difference of a thing being cooked with mother's love and feeling uplifted or receiving a stomach ache due to the fact the person was annoyed, is a reflection of how the way we feel generates a change in our auric field, which then can affects the energy balance of others around us.

African scientists, that became known as shamans, babalawo, priests etc., broke all this down as they have their own creation stories and holy texts, explaining how everything travelled to this dimension.

It details how emotions came to this world such as anger and fear, how misfortunes of life such as death, sickness and loss are a family of energies and how the energies that created this world are all found within you.

Magic or the knowledge of how to manipulate external experiences, is down to how good your relationship is with the elemental building blocks of this reality or your relationship with other intelligences that have an even better relationship with these elements than you.

As rituals are spiritual energy equations, the desired result is determined on having the correct sequence of events and sounds to build up sufficient energy to ensure a successful outcome.

These formulas are found within all indigenous understandings, however, the African ones have been the most heavily criticized as to discourage Africans calling on the energies within their bones and calling everyone's else's energies.

Many Africans are unaware of their indigenous energies, they would be more inclined to think of imported energy concepts as their own, i.e modern religion.

When used as science rituals this not a problem, as no group can claim to be owners of energies that originate from another dimension. These energies are our spiritual roots and draws strength from our #ancestral inner worlds. You can imagine their disappointment as everyone`s ancestors are honoured, before themselves.We have forgotten the power of a trees, has always been based on the strength of its roots.

The deeper sciences are being lost everyday as people have become more reliant on external technology instead of their own abilities.

As people have been brought up to believe, the more money you have the closer and the more you have been blessed by god. Until people work out that man made money not god, people will continue to look for money spells instead of healing ones.

The more powerful and wiser energies will not be attracted to such #mindsets and the lower frequency more corruptive energies will have a greater influence over the person's lives.

The African sciences were originally not designed to go in search for the one god, its original design was for you to find you. If everything within the planet exist within you, then all the intelligences you seek to guide you are within you.

The vastness of what you are is not what anyone wants to reveal to you, as you have never been spiritually alone.

As we enter into a new year, spreading the same hope for better times as we did last year and the years before. As we contemplate which new year resolutions we can genuinely maintain for a longer period, I hope we can all begin to take ourselves more seriously and not accept the helplessness being project by the movie news maker.

If last year is anything to go by, the lunatics have openly taken over the asylum and the powers that design the worlds storyline, have a new play for us to argue about and be distracted by.

The image above depicts that map of intelligent energies around the body, operating our organs and our very complex body functions in total darkness. The study of yourself will enable you to understand the mysteries of the world.

The breakdown of the Orisa Energies displayed in the image is beyond that which can be covered in a facebook post. As our higher selves interact with all the itelliigences that operate in our bodies, we are mostly caught up in our waking day dreams.

These concepts are covered in our more advanced classes as we merge your inner spirit world,the inner body world with the external outside world. There is so much to catch up on, as we have been waiting for deliverance, everyone else have been empowering themselves.

There is a reason why you close your eyes to pray, one day you will discover the place where your power of creation exist within you . It all becomes science and not religion the more you start to believe in yourself.

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