The power has always been with you.

We are the original internal creators and we have been convinced to sacrifice ourselves to save the idea of mankind.

Education, religion and the medium(media), have been the way the authors of this reality story have externalised our values of self thus making us easier to control.

The books of life rules, written by man, named the Holy books, with the author called God, has taught us to have no faith in ourselves and put in hope as well as fears in stories that have been developed over hundreds of years.

There were at least 7 conventions similar to the one held in Nicaea were needed to decide on the Christian stories. Being nailed to the cross was only added to the story at the sixth convention in the 8th Century, 700 hundred years after the apparent event.

We have been asked to have faith and not check for facts. Beliefs are programs which give instructions to our actions.

All you need is a good story and out of fear as well as engineered respect you can control generations. The oldest understanding of spirit has been the relationship with nature and our internal ancestors.

This never started off as a religion as the power has always been with you. This was the case until various men wanted control of others and nature to satisfy the emergence of new types of energies namely greed and ego.

We were reduced to bodies instead of spirits, making it easier to use our visual differences and sexual preferences against us.

The truth is, ancestral understanding is not a religion, it is who you are. Spirituality is learning how to reclaim all the power you were born with and being able to use it to attract as well as repel what you want on this life journey.

Your external beliefs trap you in the external prison designed for your mind.

Knowing not only brings peace it also can take you on adventures into parts of yourself you could not imagine actually exist. Life is not simple as it's been deliberately been made complicated.

Only humans worry about what their purpose is as we cannot find the answers in any books unless we wrote the book. It is all buried within you, your ancestors are patiently waiting to guide you.

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