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The truth never needs to sell itself

Emotions can change the context of the words you hear to match how you feel.

We have faith in everything but ourselves. We have been disarmed with the mental tools to defend ourselves, by those who seek to make a profit from our designed ignorance.

The spiritual anatomy of this reality has been deliberately hidden from the masses, by those who gave you God to save themselves from many evils.

Our originals believed in something else. Everyone is looking for new external answers and then using emotions as well as fear to sell their ideas to themselves.

The truth never needs to sell itself.

People listen according to their own agendas; some people are unable to accept another opinion unless it matches their own.

To be a master of the external world and not know yourself, is pointless and in the end just pure entertainment.

When you start talking from your own understanding, you will begin to appreciate how much time has been wasted, by only just thinking with other people's words.

Emotions can disarm the critical thinking part of our mind. We can only hear what can make it beyond what we have decided to believe.

We look with our eyes, we see with our minds, we can only see what we understand. If our minds are closed, we might as well have our hands covering our eyes.

These are conceptual ideas taken from our Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Know Thy Self Courses. If you would like to enjoy more in depth breakdowns of this topic and many others, please check out our courses page on this website.

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