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The Universe is within me...

We are born into a scripted storyline. We look out from our eyes at a world that has been meretriciously designed. The characters of the play have already been cast, the rules are all in place, manmade laws have become morals and god now lives on the outside of us.

We have been so captivated by the world outside of us; we have forgotten we are just visiting and this not our real home. Our #awareness of who we really are and what is going on within us is now in the hands of others.

Your name, your age, where you are born, what your parents did for a living, what you do for a living, what religion do you believe, all these things are the labels you have accepted as yourself in the external world you are looking at.

Many of us operate solely from the above perspective, never really challenging the idea that we are none of these external concepts. When we look out from our eyes, we see our environment in motion or still. We then add the mental narrative to what we are seeing and then create the sensations to match our thoughts/judgements.

We are aware of the external world`s #history, however our inner selves are a #mystery. We are so externally focused that we no longer know and trust ourselves. We are constantly being told what we should eat, think and believe.

In this scripted world we live in an artificial hierarchy. God made all men equal, man made money and made himself god. All the top jobs are taken and the poor have been told their place. We are all the same in our internal world, it is out here we are separated by the external concept of money.

Our #consciousness is the CEO of the board of the company that is our body. Organs in synchronisation is the organisation we need to regain control over as we have turned our backs on ourselves and now allow others to run our personal companies.

Each organ has its own consciousness, life force and destiny. We no longer communicate with these organs consciously, we do not know how things are done within us, and we only see the results.

The intelligences that run our bodies are mystery to us. The concept of light is only relevant when looking at the world outside, as all our internal bodily functions are conducted in total darkness.

Each of our organs completes their tasks with the aid and in synchronisation with other organs. Our consciousness is focused on this external world outside, has nothing to do with it.

Every organ has a seat on the organisation board of our body. They are in constant dialogue, trying to balance and protect the body from the constant demands from the CEO, our conscious minds. We are constantly creating chemicals/sensations to enhance our experience in this dimension.

The #organs work together to decide how to rid the body of the poisons we ingest orally, visually and audible into our bodies. As you bring things into your body from an external source, your body naturally interacts with it, to check the threat level, and then you feel the reaction to bodies attempt to deal with it. As the saying goes “we dig our graves with our teeth”, our thoughts and judgements create acids which do a great amount of damage to us as well.

The council of organs are trying to constantly create the bridge back to our conscious minds. Pain is a way of discouraging us to move whilst it is repairing our bodies. Hunger and thirst are recognised request from the body as well.

The reproductive organs have a different and more powerful seat on the body`s council. As a result of their importance to the mission of the #soul in this dimension, they are fighting for control of the conscious mind to determine how we live our external lives.

In young males the reproductive organs likes to assume the position as chairman of the board. They are constantly creating the desire to experience the pleasure sensation of the orgasm. The consciousness can be redesigned to covertly or overtly seek this feeling above all other interests.

The male has been taught the more you have, the better looking you can attract. Much of his desire for success has still has a sexual appeasement dynamic in the background.

With young women society has slightly altered the natural mental progression as they have been brought up to hide their thoughts and feelings generated from their #womb.

They are encouraged to come up with a plan as to how they are going to work with the feelings generated from their reproductive organs. These plans are the origins of the secret world of women and the lack of #understanding of men to their plight.

The intelligence, life force and #destiny of organs were recognised by the ancient Africans as they described how they came to this dimension as well as their purpose and powers.

There is an understanding of how to communicate with the consciousness of the organs and tap into their creative and destructive powers.

The eyes, mouth, chest, stomach and other organs also have corresponding electrical and magnetic qualities. There is so much we do not know about ourselves and the power we can generate from within to outside of our bodies. Things to be discussed at a later date.

We struggle to have control over the #powers in our body. Science refers to it as your sub conscious, when these things can be understood.

We are supposed to be the captain of our ships, in a world where we think about ourselves from the outside in, we have work to get ourselves back on the right path.

Your body speaks, be silent and listen, it understands you as it part of you.

Measured is the man who knows himself, we are more than just words we really have the power behind them.

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