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The Wise Fool

The wise fool appreciates the limitation of their environment. As the wise can act like a fool, it is not so easy for the fool to act wise.

We live in a world where people feel the need to prove themselves to others. As your logic is based on your experience, both people can be right, as they are speaking from the limitations of what they know.

Raising your voice does not improve your argument, it merely reflects your inability to control your emotions, as a result of the conversation not going your way.

Screaming at each other when next to each other, happens when you both are not on the same page and unwilling to cross over.

Manipulators hope you back down, as it is unpleasant to have to hear aggressive voice intonation. They hope you become uncomfortable and let their version have the day.

When you know who you are, you know which battles you have to win and which ones are more profitable for you when you decide to lose.

The wise speak as spoken to, as they appreciate that not everyone can control their emotions, when they are challenged with information that they don't know.

Humility is not stupidity when you recognise the people in your environment, speak of what they have been told and do not actually know.

Unfortunately, the truth is more a belief than a fact nowadays, as sadly we have been educated to only know what we have been Told. Our ignorance is others best protection.

The wise are slow to speak, just in case they could be wrong. The unwise do not care, as the appearance of winning, gives them the belief that they are strong.

You can only compete against your perception of yourself, it is a shame how much we give away our power in fear or to please others.

No one is more important than you, no matter what part they write for you in their story.

You will always be the real author/authority of your life. Never forget it.

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