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The wise often feel alone...

The wise often feel alone as they struggle to find kindred vibrations which allow them to be themselves.

They think, however, are often unable to express themselves, as the current environment has been restricted to only allow the majority emotional belief positions.

The need to be right will never be as important as the need to get it right. The ego gets in the way of the deeper truths trying to come into this #reality.

Winning will never be as important as finding how far you have lost your way in this designed reality. The matrix is not what you see outside, it is the uploaded program/belief you use to process your external world.

You have forgotten that you are looking out at the world and now as a result of education, religious medication and media #hypnotherapy, we are only awake in somelse's dream that forces the real you to remain #asleep.

Beliefs are often just the limitations of other people's thinking as you are the judge that gives permission for these ideas to become true within you.

Never give up trying to express your original self, when you stare into the abyss, you are really only looking at the fear based programs that you have accepted as the real you.

We give away so much of ourselves for so little in return. We have become so tired from maintaining everything and everyone else, we have no energy left for ourselves. Is this the new fake version of being happy.

What I have is not who I am and what people think of me does not mean a thing to me. I own the idea of the #conscious me.

Be the superhero in your own story, trust me, you are the only one who truly and has ever had the power.

If you have to call on some religious name, unfortunately you have given away your power to the organisers of the game.

Who are the organisers? Who do you think is controlling your outside story?

The #dream starts when you open your eyes. Quiet as kept.


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