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Time is an illusion

#Time is the first frontier to the exploration of our inner selves. In this dimension, it has become a control design concept that has been created to measure the passage of our #life experiences as well passively reclaim the concept of #God.

We have been given the option of which #religion we want to follow, we have no such options with time. What age am I, what is today`s date, what year are we in. Unfortunately, we have been born into a paradigm where man has created time in the name of GOD.

The bible story of God creating the world in seven days is the format for world time. Whether you believe in the religion, the church has managed to get the world living their lives according to their version.

As time is a Christian creation does that make me a believer if I use their concept to process my thoughts. Does not the religion`s concepts influence my beliefs on the past, present and future. Is my age my Christian age, if I was part of another religion would my age be different, we have been taught to believe a concept that restricts our ability to grow and know our selves.

According to the Roman Church Empire we are really in the year 7514 according to Anno mundi version of the story. This was the time when the world began at the start of the Old Testament.

In the year 6025 Dionysius Exiguus created the concept Anno Domini (AD). According to scriptures, the World was supposed to end 500 years after Jesus was born. Like in recent times, this did not happen.

Dionysius Exiguus proposed the date be changed as a result of the world not ending, time would now begin from the date when Jesus was supposedly born (5500 AM) .

AD was born, Jesus birth was now the beginning of the world, as the Roman church Army conquered the world importing the concepts of Money, Jesus, written language and their version of time, we were all going to become Christians for all time whether we believed in this story or not.

When you consider that day time depends on where you are in the world, many of our concepts about life is no longer in our hands. The sun brings light to our world and when we are not facing it everything is in natural darkness. We always look for the light before we begin.

Our age is based on how many times we have travelled around the sun, how many summers have we enjoyed, how many winters we have endured. The Church only adopted this concept recently as Galileo was seen as a heretic for suggesting the Earth travelled around the Sun in the 17th Century.

Hold on, does that mean time was not measured by us travelling around the #Sun before the 17th century. 365 days for a 360 degree circle, months, weeks , days based on Sun travelling around the Earth. The truth is, time is like the rest of religion, what you want to believe is all that you can see.

Time is an abstract concept to our minds. We have to be taught to read it like words and numbers. Our minds need the clock to keep track of it, as we experience each moment quite differently.

Our minds measure time by events in our lives, the more emotional the moment , the more we ponder it. We get lost in our thoughts as we process the world outside of us, time appears faster the more we enjoy things. When we do not like the idea or we are not sure what to do, we experience time much slower.

My experience is my age, not my times around the sun. My internal clock is not restricted to the past or the future. My past lives have been my lessons to my soul. My memories are really trips into my own internal dimensions.

We have been mentally clouded by our belief in time, we process our thoughts with a system that does not access our internal clock. We are forcing our thought creations into a manmade paradigm, part of our energy depth is lost in the translation.

We all walk in our own experience time zone. We may appear in the same place but we are vibrating in different light frequencies of understanding. The mental breakdown of our environments is based on our internal wisdom. Our beliefs restrict or expand our mind to the option of what is possible in this reality and others. We speed up our speech or slow it down to be understood, we are constantly adapting to our environment. Not everyone gets the joke at the same time.

Imagine a world where we are taught from young that you do not die, that when you no longer need your body, you transition to the world of your Ancestral family. The connection is never lost and you have access to your past lives and information about the worlds within you.

You belong to no one, no religion, no time frame, you exist to complete your mission and that you are only restricted by your imagination.

You would be free to be all that you could be. It would be much harder to control such individuals. Life would be about the exploration of this dimension not just looking for ways for your survival.

The Architects of this reality have used time as the cornerstone of this illusion. We have all accepted it as our truth. We are proud of our age or not. We use it as a measurement of what we believe that we and others are capable of doing physically and mentally. Many of our goals in life have been focused around our age expectations.

#Time created by the church is now the heart beat of this world, most peoples` minds could not survive a day without it. I understand things cannot change and the church has won the day. Many cannot separate themselves from this old concept as their money is tied into it . As long as you play the game you can continue with life just the same, your mind does not have to be a slave to your circumstances.

When travelling in our minds, we have no future or a past, we create the mental images without any labels. We travel to our future as we plan for everyday as we travel to our past to search for answers.

The One God, One story, one time has been the way the war was won. The battle for your mind and for your attention. No evidence has been provided to show that only one creator exists, the fact that you exist is not an answer.

Be yourself, #time is an #illusion in this life and the next. You are here to experience yourself and not someone else`s religion.

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