Travel to your own internal cosmic world

Eyes closed, mind focused and consciousness engaged. Time to travel to your own internal cosmic world.

Our dreams are just journeys to visit other versions of ourselves. Our bodies need to sleep whilst our consciousness needs to travel. We see colours and hear sounds even though our eyes are firmly shut. Our spirit needs no rest as we discover different stories in ourselves.

We pray to beliefs; however, our spirit has the real connection. It existed before we were educated and it links us to our creator within us.

Reality is just one of our daily day dreams. The present is just the moment that we use to contemplate past events. We do this whilst planning happy days to help us feel better. The present creates the food and drink we use to entertain our minds later.

We seek help when we are the ones that design our lives. Beliefs are just programs that have been uploaded by people that exist outside of ourselves. A picture paints a thousand words, however someone has to write them. Are you the programmed or are you the programmer?

Our Ancestors are our guides in life as they are in death. We are immortal consciousness, as it is our body that actually dies.

What you can manifest is based on a marriage between your mind and body. When you believe in yourself your magnetic potential is increased tenfold.

We pray, we hope and we seek help from forces outside of us. Why do you close your eyes to pray? Why do you surrender the focus energy on your body to internally charge up your words? Why do you clear your mind to prepare to travel inside? Maybe you instinctively know that what you need is located within you.

You are really just praying to yourself to deliver you from your own interfered with imagination.

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