We are born with a clean slate

Your body is the environment that your consciousness lives in. Your story is your version of the world and your mind is your own personal government.

Your beliefs design your conscience and its purpose is to build the perfect storyline to create the perfect balance of feelings within you.

We are constantly making deals with our ideas to keep the peace inside us. Much of our mind`s energy is used to trying to stop bad memories of our past, coming up in our present imagination, to trigger bad stored feelings resurfacing to punish us, all over again.

We design our life fantasies to avoid previous realities. Success is often measured on how well you have rebuilt the idea of yourself, as a result of moments in your childhood that you could not control.

We are all carrying too much responsibility to repair the mistakes of others. Liars built the world to protect themselves being discovered for their crimes against it.

We are born free, however, we have been convinced we belong to everyone, as we use the way we are perceived to design how we feel about ourselves.

Every thought ends with a feeling, every feeling generates a thought. This is our mind/body cycle, the understanding this pattern in the end will become crucial to one day regaining control of our real organic selves.

We are born with a clean slate; our personality has been written by the actions of everyone around us.

We evolve by rising beyond the gravity of our feelings, though the first step is often the worst one, be assured that the very best version of yourself already exists within you. You just have to trust yourself, persevere and release your innate potential into this world.

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