We are places more than we are people

We are places more than we are people, our ability to reason with ourselves is determined by the ideas we allow to mould our external identities.

Many are unaware of the energies that influence their every thought, they often lose the mental verbal battle they have within themselves and are afraid of their own thoughts that control their minds.

These internal conversations are not random, when someone says think before you speak, who are you consulting before you comment?

This is the realm where ancestors try to warn you or give advice, however there are many other energies trying to persuade you to follow them and act in ways you are unable to explain afterwards.

The sexual energies are amongst the most powerful and dangerous as they are regarded as who we are. A person at a high state of sexual arousal has no conscience, they act first and hope no one finds out later.

People are addicted to the sensation and like any drug, they will argue for the right to continue based on their enjoyment, rather than their knowledge of the subject.

These energies speak within us, as many reading the statement just mentioned above regarding knowledge, will now be in an internal battle, where the energy will be saying, what does he know? I love my sex, it's natural and we came here as result of it.

Survival is the name of the game for these entities, as they passed down through families and collected from the relationships we have had.

Yes, we were created as a result of sex, however, if the good traits as well as the bad traits of parents are found in children, was it not transferred as a result of sex? What else is transferred during the act besides the sensation, only you experience?

The Ancestors struggle with this transference, as the negative energies can influence the partners their descendants choose. If we are emanating a magnetic frequency, what kind of people are we attracting as a result of these energies attached to us.

As you become more reflective of your actions, you learn to shut down certain thoughts rising in your head, based on just appearance alone. Recreation and Re-creation are spelt the same, however, not the same.

A sacred ritual used to share your family DNA history is now used to get high from the orgasm supply. We wonder why our lives do not thrive, when we have accumulated energies from people we no longer want in our lives.

We exchange the body fluids, we more importantly exchange the energy that was discharged to transport those fluids. These energies are unseen and not so easy to clean.

These things were understood by our ancestors, as the energies that are naturally in control of the sex organs were recognized, as well as the energies trying to attack our sex organs. Bad boys and girls may be more exciting, however, they may leave behind bad entities as well.

The ancient African knew of these energies and could sense the frequency radiating from the other person, as we all still can, but often choose to ignore.

The subject is vast and not found in books, as most of these things are intuitive and taught by your ancestors. Sex is natural like the need to eat, however, that doesn't mean you should eat bad food just because it looks good.

Money and sex make the human experience world go around. Ignorance can be bliss, we like to think we all know better, what we do today, we are not expecting to have to pay for tomorrow.

Think before you act, as the merging of two souls is still a ritual, no love is being made, just the creations of memories and the collection of energies.

In the modern times this may all seem naive, it is not until you are older and cannot get rid of the memories or the energies, that you realise you cannot always buy back what you have given away.

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