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We are the creators of our #experience

We breathe, see, hear, smell and touch. We also have the ability to think, to reason, and to recall and re create. Many of our abilities are done without thinking.

Whenever we are asked a question we all go into a little trance. We suspend our connection to the illusion and go within to process an answer to what has been asked.

We have all seen people frozen whilst they are looking for an answer, like a robot put on pause and returning back to life.

The #truth is we have to go within ourselves to find the answers to everything about us. The world outside us is a separate dimension from the worlds inside. The world outside of us is the recurring dream. We are looking out at the illusion, from a place within ourselves.

In our #imagination is where we do our life calculations. Details are just pieces of the puzzle to help create the images we see in our #minds.

Without this clear picture we cannot understand what other people are saying. We then have a internal discussion to try and conclude which emotion is the most appropriate to design.

We are the creators of our #experience, we are the creators of what we see, hear, smell, touch and #emotionally feel.

Unfortunately, we are no longer the creators of the reasons, as behind the concept of an external god, they have given us the rules of how and what we should think as well as feel.

I have a #free mind, I appreciate I am not a free man. I have to break the mental chains/games of this illusion, to truly know how much work I need to do, to fully wake up in this world I live with you.

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