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We have more power than we think...

Our #worlds are not defined by what we see outside of us, we are awake in perfect nightmares waiting for that change. We are told we are precious by those who seek our love. However, many of us have to live with memories of those who took away our options to choose.

What people see as silence is us trying to #balance our #imagination, the past is a wicked friend that lives within our #minds.

Many feel that new love is the way to heal their future. In hope we trust, as we create new fantasies as a way to erase those pictures that haunt us from our past.

A tablet can have taken to relieve the tension from a headache, though it helps with symptoms, it has no affect on the cause.

Its hard to measure how much of our inner #consciousness is lost trying to maintain our outside presence. No matter how many distractions we find or the better day #dreams we create in our minds, our unresolved past will find us in the end.

How many relationships breakdown when the idea of that person does not quieten your mind.

When the image pain concepts of the past arrive, people have been known to compare and blame the present situation for not having enough difference to stop the pain. The imagination battles start all over again and what may have started as a good relationship is no longer good enough.

It becomes tiring trying to suppress the anger, as when people say you should just put it behind you, it becomes all you can think about in the silence between other distractions.

People are losing their inner wars, when they cannot create new fantasies to block out the older tragedies. These are waiting as images of mental destruction, that have the power to have us act in characters which are shocking to those around us.

Dark actions often are a result from dark coercion from within. The dark voices that are putting you down from inside are not heard by those around you.

People run to new looks, new beliefs, new relationships in the hope they can find a more powerful love energy to chase those internal blues away.

Our lives were never meant to be this way, as the hallucinogenic power of physical love wears off and the energy we put into trying to recapture the original sensation that idea gave us, is no longer as attractive. We can drift into a place that has no joy as well as no meaning. Many are still chewing the bubble-gum that has lost its flavour.

We lost ourselves along the way. Not everyone has the internal strength to look at our stories in our own imagination mirrors. The truth is, in ourselves we must trust.

What we are running away from we are actually running towards. The ideas we hide in eventually provide no shelter.

We cannot keep using another person`s love for us to keep to supplementing the love we don`t have for ourselves. It will only be enough when we start building within ourselves.

Love who you are, not what you have. Fear is only disease, the rest a merely symptoms of it.

Believe in yourself. Your past now only exists and is maintained by you.

A frown can change into a smile by simply #visualising something or someone that makes you happy. We have more power than we think, when you are ready your battling inner wisdom will come.

I appreciate people are in pain, suffering from #memories now spread around their bodies as illnesses. Symptoms that do not leave no matter what medicines they try.

The spiritual side of abuse is something not found in common understanding, the voices, the sexual cravings, the anger to defend the defenceless child.

We aim to bring these understandings out into the open, as many are lost as the answers are hard to find.

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