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We seek peace in pieces of conversations.

A smile when you are speaking can alter the listeners biochemistry.

Magic are our words, music is our tone and healing someone state of mind can be the outcome.

When you hear it, you know it. As you feel it, your shoulders drop and a breath of relief leaves your mouth.

We all have the power to make someone we love to love their lives more.

As you hear your words before you speak them, please put a little bit of sugar as your energy leaves your mouth.

We live in the pictures we see in our minds, our sense of happiness comes from what our imagination is showing us.

When you imagine the best, you will create the sweetest emotions within yourself and subsequently speak with the warmth of how you feel.

Being good feels good, make someone's day by saying something that will make both of you appreciate each other, just a touch more.

These are conceptual ideas taken from our Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Know Thy Self Courses. If you would like to enjoy more in-depth breakdowns of this topic and many others, please check out our courses page on this website.

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