When you control time, you control movement.

When you control movement, you control direction. When you control direction, you control outcome and when you control outcome you control realty.

Our consciousness does not vibrate in clock time and as a result our racing mind struggles to appreciate that everything is moving in its own vibrational time.

The trees are always moving, they appear solid as our mind does not give them time to show us and tell us who they really are.

The fear of not having enough time moves us, it directs our choices, it holds our perceived reality and essentially holds us in this man-made world story.

Why do you think religions fought wars to have the right to teach us their version of time?

Welcome to the matrix where the version of reality taking place inside your mind through stories, conditioning and instructions on how to live and forgetting your true purpose to this life is.

Many live for entertainment and not to understand why. In the end it is not what you have, it is more what you know, that enables you to have the best life.

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