Without a woman, this life is not as enjoyable

Women do not need to read to know, they do not need to hear to understand, they do not need to see to recognise something is not right.

If she loves you, she will tell you the truth, if she does not love you, she might still tell you the truth.

Women have access to other inner realms as they have to bring the consciousness of our ancestors into this world.

The gateway never closes, as when she is free of stress and clear in mind, you will be amazed of the details she can express from her inner mind.

She requires attention to give direction to her mind creations. In order she finds balance, with progress she finds peace.

She wants to live in a better world; however, she needs to understand her purpose and what she is here to be.

She seeks control when afraid, she will support you if she believes in you, there is also the chance she can leave you if gives up on you making her dreams come true.

She will give you time; she wants to trust you can do it. Unfortunately, when her mind is made up, she can become a stranger overnight.

As she uses emotions to find her logic, you might confuse her questions as an attack. If you can understand the gift she represents in this reality, have patience and help her to understand the many sides to who she is.

Let her find her confidence in her decisions, she needs to move beyond her memories that argue in her mind. She wants to repair and make things better as she strives to be the versions of herself that she actually likes.

Her self-respect was stolen in childhood, her relationships is where she finds strength. Her value has been reduced to her appearance; this is a crime as others have no right to decide what she is worth.

How can we ask to prove her worth, when life is not possible without her?

Men may claim they built the world, however, if not to impress women they probably would not have bothered.

Without a woman, this life is not as enjoyable, she provides purpose and forces you understand yourself. I appreciate things have become very confusing; however, she is still the most important thing on this earth.

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