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You can be poisoned in your mind

We have the most sophisticated locks to protect our money, cars and homes, we have no such protection to guard our mind thoughts.

Any media can project any mind program direct into your consciousness without any restrictions or control.

You literally eat what you see, hear and feel, like you are consuming any food or beverage. Your mind is your stomach that deals with this process.

You can be poisoned in your mind the same way it happens in your stomach, bad food and bad thoughts have the same reaction in your body.

You can be programmed to acquire a tolerance for bad thoughts the same way as bad foods. Overtime like food, you can come to welcome these mental poisons you are fed.

The revolution was televised you just did not get the notification. The best programs are the ones you think are natural to yourself.

Many people that you see are really just talking in their sleep, they have not been connected to their real self for ages. They can only speak of what they have been told.

When you ask them what they think, they become just stuck on pause and then repeat, they have just run out of script and will remain silent until you give up.

As you peel back all the heavy layers of your blankets of belief, you will find you do calm down as you find answers for yourself.

Whatever way you go, you should adopt a mental process that allows you to grow and be open to new concepts. Stop following what you have been told, start asking yourself questions.

We have become like puppets that require no strings to control our movement. We hear, we jump, be it masks today or vaccines tomorrow. Who is the true virus, who wants to control you mind self, with only the promise of more hope in return.

You have been made in the image of your ancestors. You have inherited their strength wisdom.

We are born free, then labelled by our new owners. The child is broken young to ensure as adults, they are no sure to whom they should complain.

Why do people cry, because other people have done things to disappoint them. Why do people think, to learn things from other people's mistakes.

Faith outside of yourself, is hope others will repair your confusion of not knowing where you come from without referring to religious manmade stories. The version of the story we are now living, is less than thousand years old.

It is like people just appeared in the story, they have no back story, we are all asked to believe, that is just the way it goes.

The thieves who have stolen the world, have deliberately messed up its history, to prevent you for knowing their crimes and no longer showing them respect.

How did the best, become the known as the best. You have been told the legend as if it was actually the truth.

God has always blessed the child, when the child has the authority to tell you their version of your story.

The greatest thief is the one who steels your life potential, they allow you to acquire possessions, whilst they take your life-force and pay you back with a paper exchange idea.

Freedom is a mental state which nobody can give you. Know thy self, own thy self, be thy self, be free. Ownership starts in the mind, I am not a label, I am a free man.

These are conceptual ideas taken from our Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Know Thy Self Courses. If you would like to enjoy more in-depth breakdowns of this topic and many others, please check out our courses page on this website.

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