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I wonder if animals ask their perspective mates what your zodiac sign is before they get it on.

Animals require no designer clothes and the concept of being rich does not exist. They are covid free, need to be close to each other, no mask wearing and not being asked to take a flu jab.

The fall of us began when we forgot we were the being and not the human.

What's your name, where was you born, I am not talking about body, I am talking about your spirit that is living your body as the human.

We have forgotten why we are here to have this experience; we have forgotten what here is and that we are creators who have given away our control.

Some Men have made the world in their image, they have stolen what we see as our reality and now we need their story to live our lives.

We dress our bodies and not our beings, we spend our time fixing our stories and not our lives.

When you treat people as they look as opposed to who they are inside, when you value yourself based on how you look and not how you think, you have fallen into the trap of thinking of yourself as only a human and not the infinite being that you are.

These are conceptual ideas taken from our Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Know Thy Self Courses. If you would like to enjoy more in-depth breakdowns of this topic and many others, please check out our courses page on this website.

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