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Ancestral Essence - Protection Oil

I apologies in advance for the escalation of the level of information of a #spiritual nature in this Post. These concepts may be old to many and new to some. In order to explain how we create our oils, we have to breakdown realities we all experience, however, struggle to find explanations for.

We are all spiritual beings who are trying to control a biological body form, with an intelligent electromagnetic matrix.

Unfortunately, our matrix can be subjected to interference, as many of us have been tampered with #physically, #mentally, with our food and more importantly #spiritually.

We have a range of 4 oils available on our website, we have a fifth that is only available after consultation. We have worked on dealing with everyone’s spiritual wellbeing from a mental, environmental, physical pain and hard to detect energy attachments standpoint.

We realised that what people are going through is more to do with moments of frustration, confusion, a sense of perpetual bad luck and illnesses were a diagnosis cannot be found.

The science behind these situations is not #religious based.

The basic spiritual wellbeing techniques are no longer passed down by parents to their children. It might be as a result of fear from organised religious condemnations, parents are not sharing the old ways they witnessed when they children. Success seems to make everything alright until it doesn’t.

Protection Oil

If you are losing the battle within yourself, the world outside of you is not so relevant. We live via our internal conversations. We are in perpetual debate within ourselves. We use the words from the conversations to build visual mini movies in our imagination within our minds.

We use these movies as an instruction manual on how we should behave and what are we going to do next.

If the current mini movie we are witnessing within ourselves is going well i.e. we have good solid relationships, we feel financially secure, we feel confident about our future and we feel a sense of generally being loved, we use these internal visual conclusions to create a sense of happiness within ourselves.

#Life is good based on how well our internal life story movie is going.

The problem is that many of better situations require the involvement of other people. Self-love is hard to maintain when it requires other people to help maintain it. Many less positive internal images can create anxiety, depression, frustration and in many situations a paralysing fear which can leave us very unsure on what to do next. Memory movies from the past don`t help.

We use these mini movies to give perspective to our lives. The conversations that create these movies come from our external experiences and from our internal beliefs that we have either adopted or created.

What people say and how they say it to you really does matter. We create mini visual movies to give context to our conversations. We use these movies to create the appropriate emotions after we have debated and formed a conclusion. How we feel is then replicated throughout our body.

It’s the control of your internal conversations that allows you to have balance within yourself. If you can stay strong you can shut down the less positive voices such as those encouraging poor choices and those suggesting that you can`t do it` you need to stop trying.

Survivors of any type of abuse, unfortunately, can be subjected to a much darker range of voices. These types of voices may require a consultation to be clearly explained

We have worked out that all these voices require your spiritual energy to come i