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Being the One

Being the one unfortunately does not feel like being in #love. From the day you realised you were here, you tried to, you wanted to, however for some reason you just did not fit in.

Everyone seemed fine with how the world is around them as it appeared to be, however you felt unconnected to it, as if you knew you belonged somewhere else, where people who behaved in this way no longer existed.

This knowing appears in you as a child, which is frustrating as no one wants to believe you or takes you seriously. Your views are ridiculed and you learn to keep things to yourself.

Those who did not challenge the illusion were treated with more love and given more patience to make mistakes. As they were content with the world outside them, they seem to excel, where as you struggled, as you knew it was not real and had to act like you had the motivation, even though your internal needs were not being met.

Religions failed the one from day one, as if the answers are not in the book, your problem does not exist, even though you were still suffering in silence.

We needed answers to questions for the, why me issues we had to deal with. Not every mind makes it out of childhood, as most people grow older but do not grow up, people stop mentally questioning the illusion after their first major mental trauma.

People run to religion, where they tell them not to worry about anything, pave your way to a better place by donating to us some money to us, be good and when you die, you will get all the answers to all your questions, when you get to heaven. The fact that when you die the answers regarding this reality will no longer be relevant, does not matter.

This answer was never enough for the one, as being the one often comes with a nasty price. The truth is, you are not from around here, your consciousness has already evolved beyond this time frame of existence, however you have chosen to come back here to either save someone or to ultimately save your family from their future.

The problem is that the story line lives to choose from in this dimension are not always the best. The lives with the sexual or mental abuse or the less glamorous surroundings, were the only story line available to choose to get back into this reality.

You are equipped to rise out of these circumstances, hence you still decided to come here.

This matrix storyline reality, has been set to exist at the root chakra level, which enables everything to be controlled at the sex, anger and emotional level.

Holy books speak of higher levels but seem to be focused on setting rules to control just the physical dynamic.

The matrix tries its best to break the one, as the one is more likely to have suffered from many types of abuse, had to deal with being shunned as well as rejection. They have had to bend themselves too much to fit in.

Some just give up being the one, after having to deal with too much pain from going against themselves.

The #wise are always slow to speak their #truth as they have to be sure that it correct. The less wise or believers often speak without any thought as theirs is more based on hope than any understanding.

The louder or with more #passion you state your belief, unfortunately, does not make it more the truth.

People often hope the more emotion they use to express a point, the less likely you are to ask them to explain themselves.

We process a person`s tone of voice before we process their words. It is harder and more painful to process the anger in per