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Experience teaches us wisdom

Experience teaches us #wisdom was not talking about how many times you have traveled around the Sun. We have created a paradox where we measure everything in time instead of understanding.

This has resulted in an education system that teaches us what to think as opposed to how to think.

As a student attending this dimension as my school, I appreciate people by their knowledge of their subject and not strictly by their age.

I regard intelligence as the ability to manipulate information and not just to recite it.

The removal of the understanding of re-incarnation from the western educated mind-set has created a void in our understanding as to why some people get it without effort and others struggle to make total sense of it all.

It is easy to hide in religion, follow directions, then wait and hope for another being to make everything alright. We come here to complete our mission to evolve into more developed light creating beings.

Our #energy is cultivated over #lifetimes as this is the only thing we can take with us each time we make the transition. When you have reconnected to your higher mind, you can begin to access memories from previous times. You can receive downloads and breakdowns of things not found in books.

I respect my #elders and always hear them out, however i came to realise that age does not always mean you are right.

In a world where we do not trust ourselves and seek guidance from those who would happily deceive us. We need to share without the fear of offending others.

We need to start talking straight, if you know better, breakdown what the other person is expressing, before attempting to shut them down.

To tell someone that they are wrong without explanation is not a reflection of your wisdom but your ego trying to maintain respect without evidence.

As our #soul age cannot be measured by conventional #time, we can learn from everything and everyone.

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