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Love is more than a drug, more than a feeling, more than a way of life

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

#Love is more than an idea, more than a feeling, it is an #expression of #energy from a part of yourself you can`t control. It can spread through your being greater than the speed of light and can leave you lost as well as found at the same time.

No drug can compare to this #feeling as the high is as solid as food. The hunger for it is a life determinate, for as nature powered by the Sun, we are #empowered by the quality of love we have and what we are able to receive.

That #smile that we could not hold within, that single tear escaping from a mind #joyfully overwhelmed, we need more than bread alone to truly feel alive. We cry for the love we have lost and are rejuvenated by the love we have gained.

#Self-love is not a crime, it is merely an expression of good judgement. Love grows stronger in a balanced environment; past story issues can damage and eventually control the relationship.

Your partner should be more than a loved saviour, they should be part of your most treasured gifts and should be protected accordingly. Having a bad day, does not give us the excuse to create bad love within those around you.

Love is an attraction to an idea, image, sound as well as taste that makes you feel good. A great day is based on how many of these moments you have experienced and whether your life plans are going according to plan.

The time to savour a satisfying pleasure is hard to find nowadays, we have been reduced to junk love. Nothing is solid, everything is on the move as we no longer have the mental time to enjoy the things we love to do.

It is also not fair that I can be made to feel guilty for taking some time out to love myself. The dreams of the outside world do not own me.

When you begin to appreciate that we live inside our minds and our bodies sleep in different places. What we see is in our minds are the #dreams we have created as our lives. The 3d picture we see with 4th dimension is how we feel. We judge the pictures in our minds to decide on what we love and that we would rather leave behind.

Love is more than a drug, more than a feeling, more than a way of life. It’s an energy that flows through everything, everyone, every moment we need it to survive. It’s the food that our whole body can taste, it is what we use to define who we are.

You choose what makes you happy, you choose who you love, you are the one who makes it all happen, you are the energy that we call love.

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