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Man & Woman

A Measured #man who knows himself, desire`s a deeper #love. He wants an #equal, a #muse, a best #friend, a #divine #feminine #refection of self.

He wants to feel her glow of love each morning. Her calm and caring head, rested on his chest at night.

The glint in her eye, the uncontrolled smile, he uses as a way of checking that she is feeling well. These are the little ways; he measures that she is content. He needs to know she's down with it, interested in traveling within herself.

He wants to have a partner, for this life and the next. She is a bit of heaven, which he has for himself. He has her to remind him, that God is within the self.

A #Woman needs a man to love her for she would like to be. If he listens, she will tell him about her real self in her own time. She needs to #trust him that he really wants to hear her stories and does not judge her for it.

She needs to feel the #energy in his voice for the love he has for her. This comforts her and gives her confidence that she has made the right choice.

She needs to believe this guy is worth taking a risk on, as she is about to give her most prized possession, her feelings.

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