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Pieces of a dream...

Pieces of a #dream is now what I understand my waking life to be. My #mind can travel further than my body can ever imagine.

I close my eyes to create the visions of the #past, #present and even potential #futures, when I open my #eyes, I can only capture the moment.

My #life passes by in the centre of my mind as I am only processing all the light waves gathered from my senses. As my mind is really my eyes, I appreciate that it has the ability to look both ways.

As I can see into the external dream, I can look into through the gate of my pineal gland, which I now understand is also another reality.

I am the #energy that generates the gravity that holds my molecular structure together, I am the intelligence behind my physical existence, I am the observer in the play that is being displayed before my eyes and I am the life source that makes all of this possible.

Our #mission in life has been re-diverted to participate in the organised illusion lie; we no longer think and just believe how everything all happened.

The #world has been constructed to ensure we all stay childlike and never mentally mature, the stories require we suspend any critical thinking.

As the moments flow, which we use to create what we now have constructed as our lives, as we grow to understand our inner mind dimension, we eventually return to why we embarked on this earth mission.

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