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Religion and Spirituality

#Religion and #Spirituality are similar but not the same thing. The study of religion does not give you an understanding of spirituality beyond what you should fear, as well as what you should hope for.

Spirituality is a subject without restriction to any chosen story. It requires that you step away from your current life story and begin to reconnect to the intelligent spiritual observer aspect of yourself.

Your spirit in this reality, operates on a set of rules not covered by conventional understanding. We spend so much time worrying about our bodies, we do not pay much attention to our spiritual #energy that animates our physical beings.

We have acquired deep understandings in the historical, nutritional and religious aspects of ourselves, according to what has been written, however, no wants to really explain what happens in the world behind our eyes.

#Fear is still just an option, we have so many version of the program, people have managed to convince themselves it is a natural thing.

We can follow the world to further lose ourselves. We want to find new forms of entertainment to keep us from having to deal with ourselves.

Whatever you run from, you eventually end up running towards, as life was meant to be lived and not avoided.

You have always had more strength than you know, your real power cannot just be measured by what you have in your pocket. As you discover the depth of who you are, you will be amazed at how much power you have given away to seemingly good causes.

When you have no strength to be able to help yourself, something in your story is being protected even though it is failing.

As many of our progressive thoughts are not even completed in our minds before we let fear drown them, we have to stop given priority to the ideas that emotionally affect us the most.

The aim of the course is to empower you beyond your story, to resurrect the confidence and curiosity you had as a child. Notes are provided as we discuss the deeper aspects of your spirit in this reality.

Sentiment is left at the door as we create a safe to be yourself environment. We have been known to get carried away with time as the ancestors like to finish speaking.

This course pull no punches, as realism of the subject kicks in fast.

We have just completed the intermediate class, where the people learnt to speak their own language. The power and the peace this has given them is something to be truly witnessed.

Only those who have attended the first course can allowed to join the intermediate class. As each class ranges from 4-5 hours, the foundation of the first class prepares you for what comes next.

When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive. The teachers are your ancestors, we are just trying to remind you of the obvious truth, you need to start trusting yourself.

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