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#Rituals were designed to maintain our links to unfortunately now, our invisible #minds. We maintained our agreements and contracts with the environment we lived in. We spoke with the trees and brokered deals with the energies that were in control of the land. We assume humans are the only ones with an organised hierarchy.

Man has tried to create his inner world in an outer environment he feels he can control, as he has lost control through education of his own imagination. He seeks the external love for what he cannot generate within himself and he will sell his soul to achieve it.

Rituals were designed in the #indigenous world, by those who could breakdown the energy of the silently spoken words in their reality. From the drums that have the power to cloud your mind as they move your soul to generate the energy and the desire to make you want to dance, to the words of power that can draw out of your feelings and thoughts, to seek deeper mental introspection of yourself.

Rituals have always been part of the indigenous world as the relationship between man and his external as well as internal environment needs to be maintained. We need #balance to be able to utilise all of our energy to complete the things we want in life. Our #energy is always being taken by unwanted thoughts and unnecessary situations.

We have the power, but sadly no longer the knowledge; those who are trying to find the way home need our energy to act as the wind to keep them going.

Ancestral Essence is extremely grateful to Ancestral Voices, without them this message page would not have travelled so far and be heard in so many places around the world.

Ancestral Voices have completed a new video breaking down the importance of Rituals to the indigenous world. This is a prelude to the main Ancestral voices 2, which should be coming very soon. They have gathered a lot of material, which has enabled them to release this shorter segment first, as it is surely needed.

#Religion shows the need for rituals is part of who we are, as every church service or Muslims prayer meeting is a ritual by another name. We need our own rituals to call on our neglected energies that are part of who we are. Indigenous traditions were our version of science, as we were in dialogue with our environment as we looked to achieve a balanced existence with nature.

If we took from the environment, we would give the energy back in an agreed format between the two parties. #Divination is key and is often required, as a way of speaking to aspects of nature, when you have forgotten the language you both used to share.

We all have been aware of the saying, “what do you want? my blood”. This displays a forgotten understanding, as the only thing of real value that we have is our blood.

Our blood not only holds our power, but the essence of who we are. Religions speak of the blood of their belief #system holding power; we knew the true value of this and back then sought to enhance it by bettering ourselves and our families overall good energy.

Rituals are our conversations with the part of life we can no longer see but can only now feel.

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