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Space Clearing Oil

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

We feel the #energy of people before we #physically see them. Our minds quickly evaluate the person to create our protective first impression. We sometimes dismiss our own mind’s advice and get caught up in the uniform or visual #presence of the person. Unfortunately, when later your first impressions are proven to be correct, we often do not learn from them and continue to ignore our own inner #wisdom.

We are electrical magnet beings and as such we are constantly in a state of attracting things as well as searching and creating situations. As we speak we are electrically charging the water in the air around us. Many of us are unaware that we are creating situation magnets with our words, with every utterance. This is the science behind affirmations.

Less acknowledged is that our thoughts and hidden feelings also leak beyond our skin into our personal aura. The perceptive among us know who we are before we open our mouths. Other people`s radiated energies can feel so thick that they can leave a stain on your auric field.

This stain can leave us feeling irritated and lethargic. People can drain you of your energy, as you try to maintain your #positive attitude whilst listening to them talking about how negative they feel. I #appreciate that everyone sometimes needs to release how bad they feel, however, when the story does not change, there becomes a point when it slightly hurts to have to hear it again.

Our auric field is actually the first layers of our #spiritual skin. As a result, it is constantly at war trying to prevent the radiation from others touching our skin and even worse becoming stuck around us.

We all have experienced catching another person`s bad mood, when you extend the theory can you catch another person`s good or bad luck. I think we instinctively know the answer, as many are very careful when choosing the company, they keep.

When you have put the idea of your personal worth in the control of others, we are unfortunately, #radiating from our own beings` what other people are thinking of us. Never think of yourself as less, as people will treat you that way.

We may not bring our work home with us; however, we bring all the energy from all the people we encountered on that day. We then go home to spread this energy around our rooms, our furniture, our beds and off course our clothes.

The energy from some #toxic people are living with us in our homes. Burning #incense will always be a good practice to clear the negative energies in the air of your home. The problems are how do we clear unwanted energies from our possessions.

Not many of us appreciate how in stressful times we negatively radiate our own beds with our own thoughts. Unfortunately, these energies remain in the bed and try to feed of us as well as trying to keep us stressed when we want to sleep. This is part of the reasons why many of us go to sleep, however, wake up not feeling rested.

Imagine how you radiate your bed when you have an argument with someone in person or even on the phone. Is there any wonder why you can`t sleep and need something to aide you before you can close your eyes.

Our #Space #Clearing oil was created to deal with such things, we recognised people`s beds need clearing to help them sleep without being attacked by the energies from themselves and others. People need to clear the energy accumulated in their clothes that washing powder does not clean.

We are trapped by energy of our own creation, as we think into our environment and have not been made aware that it needs to be cleared. Sometimes the solutions are not complicated as we daily wash ourselves, why would we not wash our environment.

The next post I will be writing is about our healing oil, which is used to deal with aches and pains. Our bodies use pain as an alarm system to advise when our body energy matrix is under attack. As every illness is a thinking living thing, that has been designed with a sequence of creative sound energy intelligence; we have developed the healing oil to attack the pain in its own language.

Our Space Clearing, Protection, Healing and Dragon`s blood oil is all available at

These items can be posted anywhere in world.

Please visit and purchase our products as our aim is help you start to spiritually take control of your lives as your original nature actually intended.

Until next time, peace.

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