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We are all, what we call psychic

Quiet as kept, we have never been taught to communicate with our higher selves so we might begin to #understand our own inner #languages.

We use visual languages, audio languages, non-visible languages, body languages as well as energy field languages.

All these languages are just different forms of light languages. When you appreciate, we are just light beings, it would make sense we are using light information coded waves to #communicate in this #dimension.

The #brain acts like a prism, where we condense different densities of light waves into a single wave that passes through our memory centre to see if it is recognised.

#Sound is just a slower denser form of light. When you speak you are expounding from your mouth a stream of #light, pregnant with your thoughts and intentions encoded within it. The other persons brain breaks down this stream of light into discernible information and returns it back as an encoded stream of light as part of the conversation.

The brain has the ability to breakdown much subtler forms of light waves in the atmosphere. Animals still have the ability to detect weather changes. We have been educated that we are no longer capable of doing these things, so our brain blocks this information from reaching our conscious minds.

Cats are not just chasing shadows.

We are all what we call #psychic. We are all breaking down the light code information being transmitted from our environment.

You can only see what you understand. When you get a feeling, something is wrong or a person has a dark energy, your brain has not been able to give you the full breakdown, it can only generate an unpleasant sensation as a warning sign something is wrong.

People over time recognise these sensations as an indication something is wrong and start to register them as different warnings of certain events. When it appears in your hand, foot or other parts of your body they can tell you what is about to come.

There are those who can breakdown the full spectrum of light being transmitted in their environment and have accumulated the inner language over life times, to be able to convert this light into words which they can communicate through speech.

As #energy is never destroyed , you can travel back and forth through time and read people`s thoughts, as these are just more subtle forms of light as well.

The application of the mind is endless, as what we call supernatural is just an unlimited mind. When you ask yourself a question, the light stream you have just created, travels into your inner world to look for a corresponding answer to bring back to your conscious mind.

We are at the mercy of our belief #system as they limit us to our own potential. Let go of your judgements, let go of your fears and please do not ignore that inner voice inside you.

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Joshua Powell
Joshua Powell
Mar 29, 2022

Love this Edison, hope your keeping well.


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