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Within her we can find the mysteries to this world

We take for granted our #journey to this world. We travel through the river of un-manifested dark matter #consciousness as we search for the #womb to make the transition back into this #reality. We do not have #eyes, yet our #minds` can see, as we make our way to the place where our physical form is being created for the lifetime we have chosen ahead.

The West African tradition known as IFA speaks of this transmutation from conscious #soul to #human being. We first travel from the realm of the ancestors known as Orun. Before we start on the journey back to this realm, we go through the ceremony of choosing the type of head we think we`ll need for the mission back to earth.

The head reflects the degree of mental strength we may need to cope with the experiences envisioned on the new adventure we are about to embark on. As good character takes many lifetimes to acquire, we tend to improve our choices as we begin to realise that a reliance on beauty, requires a dependency on others to acknowledge. You eventually appreciate that a deeper balanced mental head, is required, if you want to remain in peace as you learn and grow.

As #life is to be played and cannot be won or lost, the only thing you can really succeed at is the betterment of your soul. As we are now ready to start our journey with our new head, proposed mission and chosen gender, we travel only as consciousness between the vastnesses of the two worlds. We can also appear in the dreams of our perspective mothers, as a way of getting them to prepare for our arrival one day.

We make the crossing with our past lives memories intact, our debts to pay others and the deliberate handicaps we have chosen for this journey. We require something to overcome to force us to look within ourselves to awaken our inner potential as well as our inner strengths.

#Sex only really creates the bridge between the two human dimensions, of our inner world and that of the other person. The difference between the male and female is often measured on appearance and function, few appreciate the individual depth of each other`s role in the creation mechanism for life on this dimension.

Men have wombs too, as the foetus is a fusion of two eggs. Men have a portal at the point where woman`s egg receivership canal ends and the Man`s egg deliverance system begins on the position on their` bodies. This portal allows the characteristics (genetics), the potential, the good as well as the bad and the wisdom of that person`s ancestors to be imbued into every sperm egg created. The Man`s life story is passed on into the egg as well.

As the key has been designed for the lock, sex facilitates the big bang to initiate the eggs coming together to start the creation of the foetus/body, which has the capacity to hold the consciousness traveling from the realm of the Ancestors/Orun/ heaven, back into this world.

A woman`s womb does have a lot extra, like the male, she also creates the egg, with her ancestral genetics, potential, good & bad, wisdom and her life story. Her womb has the capacity to allow the fertilisation of the eggs and even more importantly, she has a portal that allows the consciousness of us, the soul, the being to travel to this dimension.

The #consciousness interfaces with and then animates the foetus, to initiate the end of the journey from one world into the next one.

This portal is recognised in the West African tradition known as #Ifa, as written in their holy books, they continuously make reference to looking for the right womb to return back to this dimension. The woman is understood to be the gateway between the two worlds.

The old tradition of the parents coming to meet the parents of your new partner is carried out in the womb as the #Ancestral intelligences both meet to discuss the characteristics, the inherited potentials and the family debts to be passed onto the child.

Further meetings are held down the line as the arriving consciousness has ideas of its own as it chooses the gender and has its own things to learn as well as its own debts to work through.

The trinity of the Man, Woman and the incoming child consciousness, is for me behind the mechanism of life on this dimension. The concept of how, is broken down further in this tradition as it understands everything cannot be explained by just saying a God concept did it.

Like the #Ying and #Yang and many other variations to this concept, Ifa speaks of an initiator of ideas energy intelligence as well as an creative energy intelligence. Both are present in everything and work with each other to allow our thoughts to manifest into reality.

The initiator is known as Ase`, the #creative #energy is known as Aje`, these are often broken down as male and female energies respectively. This is not strictly true as the Aje` is found in the male womb to enable him to create sperm eggs and Ase` is found in the female womb to initiate the need to form the egg. Both of these energies are found in both sexes as it is the function of that gender that determines the quantity the type of energy required for that life time.

Women have more of the energy Aje` as it is needed to generate the required power to sustain all the complex designing of the many elements involved in the growth of the child in the womb. From the features, height, body type and the age that these changes take place are all decided on before we are born.

The concept of #spiritual growth spurts, where the need to suddenly know more about who we are, is also written on the script agreed upon by the meetings of the trinity and becomes what we call our DNA.

The #psychic abilities of women are never lost after the connection has been made between her womb and the other world. As gender is merely the sex we have chosen in this lifetime, we all have within us these abilities acquired from previous lives to varying degrees.

The dynamic Ase` and Aje` is found in all forms of creation, as the male and female component is part of all the features of this dimension. Much of the indigenous science thought of as magic by the rest of the world is really just a deeper knowledge of these two main energies.

We came from somewhere, we are going somewhere, this cycle continues for forever and a day. The woman plays the role as the gateway into this dimension, as what lies within her is the most precious thing in the world.

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